Sassy News

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The Cupcake Collection, is one of the newest bundles to be released, by Sass and Crafts.  This collection consists of 6 new glitters, Gumdrop Cupcake, Mint Cupcake, Blue Crush Cupcake, Pistachio Cupcake, Strawberry Cupcake, and Lellow Cupcake.  These colors blend perfectly together to create a soft Ombre.  You can also use them to create a fun Milky Way swirl, perfect for spring time.  

All About Glitter

We know you love glitter just as much as we do, that's why you're here! How much do you know about glitter though?  We carry many different sizes and each size gives off a different sparkle, specific to that size glitter.   Let's start with our additives, the finest powder with the biggest sparkle.  These are typically used to mix in the last layer of epoxy for an all over extra shot of sparkle.  Next our .008, also known as ultra fine glitter, is one of our most popular size glitter.  Many people choose .008 as the glitter base for their tumblers.  Moving up a size is .015, slightly bigger than .008, this glitter brings the sparkle.  This slighter larger size is also used on many tumblers as the base glitter coat.  Due to the slightly larger size of .015 glitter, it reflects more light off each piece to make every color look like a disco ball. Now we move into our much larger sizes.  Fine Blends, Mixed sizes, and Chunky glitter are much more "fluffy" than any of our other sizes.  Many times these types are used as accent colors, not for full coverage.  Due to the large size of them, many people find it much easier to apply these glitter using the "Epoxy Method". Our larger sized glitters tend to "settle" when they have been sitting for too long, so be sure to mix them up before using!